IT and Communication Technologies Management Consultancy

Telcoset helps companies efficiently use IT and communications (LAN, WAN, 3G, GPRS etc.) to improve their business performances and deliver value-added results. Our specialist consultants, who are experts in their fields, follow a company-specific approach that will make the processes efficiency by minimizing the organizational risks and implementing a global sourcing/outsourcing organization model. Telcoset consultants review the existing infrastructure of the company by looking from sector-specific perspective and decide on the technology solutions that will improve the business activities of the companies together with the company. In addition, they cooperate with the companies in the integration of existing and applications planned to be implemented in order to ensure the return of the investment made in a short time. Today, as a result of different traffic models, many IT trends such as consolidation, virtualization, outsourcing, and mobility have also significant impacts on user experience when connecting to company applications through the network.

Many networks are not only designed to carry these growing and changing traffic patterns, and in addition, many protocols used today are not designed to operate through WAN. Performance optimization allows end users to have a quick access to any application, regardless of where they connect from and where the application is located. The cost analyses show that the investments made return in about 12 months.

IT Network Security Consultancy

It is the security consultancy service provided to assess the Corporate Network security technologies, technology investment, security breach information, application development and security policy. In regular security consultancy service, the institution can make its investments in a more planned manner, evaluate/assess and measure its investments accurately, and implement the stages of security policy development in a partial manner.

Telcoset consultants utilize the state-of-the-art technologies, methods and tools they have developed in order to identify your corporate security needs, measure the efficiency of your information security investment, determine security threats for your information assets and provide corporate risk analysis services. In particular, they implement security consultancy by integrating solutions in firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IPS & IDS), anti-virus, anti-spam and content filtering.