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Drive innovation with insights: engage customers, empower employees, and transform business solutions

Drive innovation with insights to engage customers, empower employees, and transform business solutions. View: Drive innovation with insights: engage customers, empower employees, and transform business solutio...


Seven key principles of cloud security and privacy

Discover ways to take advantage of the flexibility of a cloud data warehouse, while still protecting your data. Read this e-book to learn best practices for designing a comprehensive, sustainable strategy for s...


GE Aviation’s Digital Group makes the skies safer with Microsoft

As an industry leader in airline systems, GE Aviation’s Digital Group knows that safety and efficiency are paramount to its airline partners. That’s why GE developed FlightPulse, an app that puts da...


5 reasons happy developers build in better security

Good news for companies revamping DevOps: according to Forbes, “Happier developers work harder, collaborate more, and are better for business.” Citing an Oxford study, Forbes said that survey respon...


Get started with Power Apps – Learn

Ready to create your first app? Learn the basics of Microsoft Power Apps and how you can make your business more efficient. Explore the different technologies and easily build an app: Read More…


How the Atlantic is preserving published history with Azure AI

The Atlantic is using Azure AI to preserve 160 years of published history. Specifically, the Atlantic is using Azure Cognitive Search to transition from hard copy to a digital system where its archives can be p...


Security and privacy for cloud data warehouse

Turn your organization to cloud-based security and address data capacity and infrastructure requirements to solve cloud challenges. This free webinar will highlight what you need to know about security, privacy...


4 reasons small businesses should innovate with Power Apps

This infographic demonstrates how Microsoft Power Apps can help businesses empower their workforce, save money building apps, simplify the development process, and scale quickly without compromising quality or ...