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A Malaysian made his dreams come true by opening his first Xiaomi Shop-in-shop store – TechNave

It’s not every day that you hear a fan opening up his or her own store from a favourite brand. Well, Mr Errick Lim, a Xiaomi Fan turned business owner, recently made his lifelong dream as a fan a reality, by opening his very own Xiaomi Shop-in-shop in Kluang, Johor. 
Errick is a 34-year-old entrepreneur from Kluang and an official retail distributor under Xiaomi Technologies in Malaysia. His entrepreneurial journey began after graduating with a Diploma in Computer Engineering, starting with a partnership business with a few college friends by selling laptops. 
Then in 2015, he started his first venture with Xiaomi, with the launch of Redmi Note 3. Since then, Errick followed his passion and dream by opening his own smartphone dealership, with a heavy focus on Xiaomi products. Fast forward 7 years, Errick has now opened his first Xiaomi Shop-in-shop. 
His inspiration came from Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun’s quote – always believe something wonderful is about to happen. By aligning his mission with Xiaomi’s in making quality technology accessible to everyone, he started small by going online first for a few years, including the pandemic period. Now that he has his very own store, he’s planning to expand the business channels to TikTok and YouTube as well. 
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To end the note, Errick encourages Xiaomi Fans and users to follow their dreams and to always believe something wonderful is about to happen. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com. 
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