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Academic City University College gets Presidential Charter in 2023 – BusinessGhana

The Academic City University College will receive a Presidential Charter in 2023.
Professor Fred McBagonluri, the President Academic City University College, said the Charter will build confidence in parents across the sub-region and lead to the creation of a new and dynamic workforce.
The President announced this at the inauguration of the University College at Haatso, a suburb of Accra.
The University, which began its academic programmes with 45 students in 2018, runs Bachelor of Arts degrees in Entrepreneurship, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Journalism and Mass Communication, and Accounting among other essential courses
He said a workforce that found opportunities in complexity and elevated the aspirations of a nation because the government alone could not educate all.
The President said that the government could create the right conditions to encourage and support private equity to augment its efforts.
He said their vision was to become a world class centre for learning, innovation, and entrepreneurship, where future leaders were nurtured for global leadership and national development.
He said they would realize this by creating an enabling environment that deploys modalities around critical thinking, creativity, and innovation, inclusive, collaborative, and interdisciplinary learning excellence in x
communication, tackling complex problems from diverse perspectives and approaches, identification of broad entrepreneurial opportunities and ethical disposition and community focused.
He said in short, men and women of integrity that would put nation before self, create and sustain peace, and harmony wherever they may be and always extend a hand of friendship to all.
The President said the Vice-President's vision of a digitized nation that ensured transparency and accountability was shared, for, after all, no nation can afford to hope its way into prosperity.
Mr Dev Varyani, the Founder of the University College, said the government needed to support all the serious players in the education industry, since a country's higher education system, with all its flaws, remains a key part of its strategic reserve.
"We wanted to move beyond mediocre to bring the best and the most excellent teaching methodologies in STEM & Entrepreneurship to students to contribute to
the growth and development of the economy," he said.
"In a way, we wanted to go beyond just these disciplines and perhaps one day be true to our name and be a real Academic City – offering the entire gamut of teaching possibilities," he said.
He said they believe the actual meaning of education was action, therefore they put action to their words and deeds and built the University to achieve their vision because they do not want to confuse education with wisdom.
"The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for *invention* rather than provide ready-made knowledge," he said.
The Founder said education should be a rewarding experience, which allowed the individual to think, imagine, question, doubt and solve problems.
He said, "we also do not want the college to be a treadmill to nowhere but rather they promise students the thrill of learning with the University. Our children are the future and investing in them is the best thing possible."
He said the University was preparing tomorrow's workforce by guaranteeing every child access to a world-class education.
The Founder advised the students and recently graduated students to wear the 'Acity badge' with pride and bear the responsibility of inspiring not only their colleagues or parents or siblings but the entire community and workplaces at large.
Mr Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Global Peace Ambassador, said the bulk of a country's development depended on natural resources, quality standards of education and good governance.
He said Ghana had all these that would promote an atmosphere for growth and development.
He said it all showed that there was a willingness on the part of the government to increase entrepreneurs in the country, which would invariably promote development.
The Peace Ambassador said the African continent had all the talents, just like a good seed but what it needed was the proper ground, a little nourishment, little water, and the sun to make it grow.
He said education alone can transform societies and make them better and it could also bring happiness, prosperity, and global peace.
He said education should be able to build strong personalities to be able to take on challenges in the world and people needed to be taught how to prepare mentally for these challenges confronting the world.


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