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Guide to colleges in Lakeland, FL – 6AM City

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Seen this from I-4 and wondered what it was? It’s Florida Polytechnic University.
Photo by @kyerton
Lakeland is the perfect place to make an education connection (sorry if this song is stuck in your head all day now). You can find five colleges here, meaning thousands of students call it home for at least part of the year. After graduating, these students are likely to stay in Lakeland to start their careers. Here’s what they major in + where you might find them working after getting their degrees.
Florida Polytechnic University | 1,500+ students
This public school focuses on teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) courses. Students earn their degrees in fields like computer engineering, data science, or business analytics.
Likely to work at: Lockheed Martin
Over 3,500 students are enrolled at Florida Southern College this year.
Photo by @calgolden
Florida Southern College | 3,500+ students
This college is known for its Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and award-winning business school. Many students choose FSC to study art history, business administration, or applied mathematics and statistics.
Likely to work at: Polk Museum of Art
Keiser University | 19,800+ students
With over 15 campuses across Florida, Keiser University is a popular choice for students seeking a career in nursing, criminal justice, or information technology. It also has a strong athletics program and a Latin division for Spanish speakers.
Likely to work at: Lakeland Regional Health
Polk State College | 9,000+ students
This community college offers many different types of learning experiences, from bachelor’s + associate’s degrees to community-based learning. Students can earn degrees or certificates in fields such as education, aerospace sciences, or bookkeeping operations.
Likely to work at: Aerospace Center for Excellence
SEU is one of the fastest-growing private universities in the US.
Photo by @seuniversity
Southeastern University | 9,300+ students
Though well known for its ministry and theology programs, SEU offers courses in a variety of fields. Degrees are available in undergraduate and graduate programs like humanitarian compassion, sport management, and biochemistry.
Likely to work at: One More Child
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