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Photo courtesy of Charger Bulletin/Krista Smith.
Kevin Honorio performs during the talent show, Nov. 11, 2022.
Amber Cholewa, Community Engagement Editor

On Friday in the German Club, the brothers of the Kappa Gamma Rho brotherhood (KGR) held their annual talent show, which filled the crowd with laughter, and a bit of confusion by the interesting talents that were showcased. This event not only had a dedicated host, KGR President Tony Varbaro, but a panel of judges that ultimately declared winners at the end, giving the top 3 finalists exciting gifts. Two brothers Josh Cheatham and Ash Norris of KGR opened up the event with their own rendition of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ played on the electric guitars. Here is a recap of some of the most memorable and interesting performances from the talent show.
Though preceded by an interesting pie-eating contest for a first act, the first real talent was Lindsay Giovannone, a senior history major, and her duck calls. Giovannone made an appearance for sure, falling up the stairs but then gave everyone a show. She showed the crowd her different duck calls, as well as played the national anthem before walking off stage.“Congrats on being the first talent so far. I didn’t even know there was that many ducks. Period” said KGR Vice President of Education, brother and judge Val Clintron.
The next act that definitely caught everyone by surprise was Kevin Honorio, a business management major and rapper. He came with some inspirational lyrics but overused “my girl,” and “that was bussin” a lot. Besides that he definitely put on a show which ended up winning him second place, and a free meal at Buffalo Wild Wings.
The third place winner Rob Tatto, a sport management major, who impressed everyone with his impressions of Peter Griffin from “Family Guy,” “Scooby Doo” and “Pennywise.” The impressions were accurate, impressive and had the attention of the entire German Club.
Next up was “Tuba” Tony Varbaro, a computer engineering major, with his tuba where he took on the “Veggietales” theme song. It sure was a… performance to say the least. Earning very few points from the judges. “You said you played tuba for 4 years and it doesn’t show,” said Destini Craven, a forensic technology graduate student and panel judge after witnessing the show that Tony had put on for everyone. After this act we had been “fortunate” enough to get a live rendition of “Clash of Clans,” where James Lande, a criminal justice major, rode Matt Santos, a criminal justice major, as a horse and Lucas Bazzano, a criminal justice major, standing on a chair, which earned them many comments, one being “what was that?” from Patricia Crouse, a legal studies and political science professor who was also on the judging panel.
The winner of the talent show was Mike DelGrosso, a chemical engineering major. He played his 25 favorite rock songs together in one song for everyone. It was amazing and clearly he is incredibly talented. He wowed the judges with his amazing guitar skills and how incredibly long his guitar strings are, which resulted in a comment from Clintron saying “do you own a pair of pliers.” but Mike soon turned him down by talking about how they are a staple piece of his.
As the talent show came to a close, it didn’t end just after the three winners were declared. The brothers of KGR put on one last show for everyone. They huddled together with their letters and sang “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. It was a wholesome moment to watch. All in all, the talent show is definitely something to go to whenever they have their next one. If you’re looking for entertainment and comedy it’s definitely an event to check out.
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