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This is how Google survived the largest DDoS attack in history, with 46 million requests per second – Gearrice

It was a fairly recent event, specifically it happened on the day June 1 2022, which has given visibility to the Google Cloud Armor service, a system that aims to be the shield that protects web pages and applications against web attacks and denial of service. A client of said service had to face a series of DDoS attackswhich peaked at a total of 46 million requests per second, making this attack an invasion a 76% more important than the largest on record to date and can be compared to the largest attack recorded in Europe.
Perhaps the most technical data is difficult to understand for those of us who are not experts in computer engineering, but as Google clarifies in the statement published on its website, you can make an idea of the attack size with a simple example. Imagine that the client’s website of Google Cloud Armor received the Wikipedia daily requeststhe tenth most consulted page in the world, in just 10 seconds. That’s how violent and fast this DDoS attack was.
Google has been the victim of the biggest DDoS attack in history. Google
It was around 9:45 in the morning June 1 when the attack began, with 10,000 requests per secondclimbing up to 100,000 requests per second eight minutes later. Despite the efforts of security employees, the attack ended up peaking at 46 million requests per secondto go mitigatingthrough coordination with Google Cloud Armor workers, giving the attack by finalized at 10:5469 minutes after its start.
One of the functionalities of the Google service is called Adaptive Protection and it is the one that served as the basis for detect DDoS attack quicklybeing able analyze traffic and generating the alert before things got out of hand. The client followed the advice of Cloud Armor employees and deployed a traffic limitation system, which reduced the impact of the attack, while allowing real users to continue browsing the web. As you can see, not even the best protected companies are free from this type of attack, which is becoming more and more common in the digital world.
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