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Years First Manufacturing & Engineering Job Fair will be Jan. 13 – Patch

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own.
MakerspaceCT in downtown Hartford will be the center of the action on January 13, 2023, hosting the year’s first Manufacturing and Engineering Job Fair at 36 Talcott Street, 2 – 5 PM. This will draw Hartford residents seeking to launch or advance careers, and businesses from throughout Greater Hartford and Connecticut with a range of jobs to fill. It is the perfect setting for mutually beneficial connections.
The solid array of participating Connecticut employers will include numerous industry leaders: bmiCAD, AXIS Laser, Whitcraft Aerospace, Robert E. Morris, Theaterworks, Novo Precision, S&S Centerless Grinding, Kamatics, Westbrook Products, Apollo Professional Solutions, TRN Staffing, Logan Steel, Foley-Baker, and Fuss & O’Neill.
Among the numerous job categories that the companies are seeking to fill are: Computer Aided Design, 3D printing operations, Print Reading, Metrology for machining, Shop safety & Operations, Material handling, Machine operators, Organ electrical technicians, Theater set design & fabrication, and Environmental planning.
“There’s no doubt about it – there are excellent jobs available in manufacturing and engineering, right here in Connecticut. There has almost been no better time to advance a career, make a career change, or start a career in these exciting and rewarding fields,” said Devra Sisitsky, Executive Director of MakerspaceCT. “Our collaboration with the City of Hartford and The Justice Education Center means opportunity for city residents, and we are very encouraged by the participation in our classes and programs.”
The U.S. Department of Commerce recently noted that as employment increases following the peak of the pandemic, more doors are opening to women and diversity in the field. Women in the field, for example, earned on average 16% more than the national median annual income overall for women who are employed. And as manufacturers strive to foster creativity, they have found that gender diversity boosts employee morale and retention, the U.S. Census Bureau points out.
MakerspaceCT features nearly 30,000 square feet of workshops which support an almost limitless variety of material types and fabrication processes — CNC Machining, Metal Fabrication, 3D Printing, Laser Engraving, Vacuum Forming and much more — equipment that is, in many cases, too expensive or too large for a home or small business to accommodate. The mission: To positively impact lives by enabling access, innovation, and education.
Last fall, MakerspaceCT with support from the City of Hartford and The Justice Education Center launched free Hands-On Training for Engineering and Manufacturing Careers for Hartford residents. Open to Hartford residents aged 18-29, the 10-week 60-hour program was well-attended, and participants are among those expected to attend the Job Fair on January 13th to meet with prospective employers. Training included Computer Aided Design [CAD], additive manufacturing [3D printing], electronics soldering, circuitry assembly and basic programming using Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, students enrolled in a 12 hour introduction to Computer Numeric Controlled [CNC] Machining and another 10 to 30 hours OSHA shop safety certifications.
This program introduced individuals to many aspects of engineering and manufacturing, providing opportunities to design and produce a working prototype and giving students a chance to gain an understanding of how everyday objects get made. Students followed a step-by-step program to machine parts in metal or alloy – a natural next step to manufacturing, and became familiar with lab equipment by soldering electronic components. As an added benefi­t, students received general industry training on-site at MakerspaceCT, culminating in a completion certi­ficate.
Located in the historic G.Fox building in downtown Hartford, MakerspaceCT provides opportunities not only to entrepreneurs and small businesses, but also local hobbyists, crafters, students and artists. This unique training is for individuals seeking to expand their skills and for companies looking to expand their product lines.
The views expressed in this post are the author's own. Want to post on Patch?


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